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Reset Master

Reset Master
Use @npc resetmaster to jump to the NPC.

Our Reset Master offers a variety of features.

1. Manage Builds:
Save, Load or Rename a Build.

  • Save Build: 50,000 Zeny
  • Load Build: 50,000 Zeny
  • Rename Build: 1,000 Zeny

2. Reset:
Resetting your stats is free of charge until you reach baselevel 99.
The cost after that will be:

  • Status Reset: 100,000 Zeny
  • Skill Reset: 100,000 Zeny
  • Status + Skill Reset: 190,000 Zeny

3. Feel & Hatred:
You can reset Feel or Hatred for a flat fee of 25,000 Zeny.

4. Platinum Skills:
Platinum Skills are free of charge.

5. Stalker Plagiarism:
Copying a skill cost 15,000 Zeny.

6. Homunculus Shuffle
Shuffles the stats of your Homunculus.

  • Shuffle: 1,285,000 Zeny
  • Stone of Sage