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Job Master

Job Master
Use @npc jobmaster to jump to the NPC.

Changing your job is free of charge. You need to be at least job 10 to change into your first class.
If you are below job 10 the Job Master will ask if you want to turn into a Baby Novice.
Upon changing your Job you will receive a weapon, an accessory and a special Beginner Supply Kit.

Beginner Supply Kit

Name Items
Beginner Supply Kit Battle Manual, Job Manual, Cookie Bag, First Aid Kit, Level 50 Supply Kit
Level 50 Supply Kit Life Insurance, Bundle of Food, Valhalla Coin,
Level 99 Suppply Kit
Level 99 Supply Kit Gym Pass, Gold Coins

Weapons and Accessories

Class Items
Super Novice Novice Armlet, Novice Figure
Swordman Blade [3], Swordman Figure
Mage Wand [0], Mage Figure
Archer Bow [3], Archer Figure
Acolyte Mace[3],Acolyte Figure
Merchant Axe [3], Merchant Figure
Thief Main Gauche [3], Thief Figure
Taekwon Book [3]
Ninja Flash Shuriken (70),Arm Guard [0], Wind Stone (10)
Gunslinger Black Rose [1], Bullet (200)
Knight Bastard Sword [2], Swordman Figure
Priest Arc Wand [1], Acolyte Figure
Wizard Arc Wand [1], Mage Figure
Blacksmith Two-Handed Axe [1], Merchant Figure
Assassin Hunter Bow [0], Thief Figure
Hunter Katar [1], Archer Figure
Crusader Trident [2], Guard [1], Swordman Figure
Monk Fist [0], Acolyte Figure
Sage Book [3], Mage Figure
Rogue Gakkung Bow [1], Arrow (200), Thief Figure
Alchemist Two-Handed Axe [1], Merchant Figure
Bard Gumoongoh [1], Arrow (200), Archer Figure
Dancer Whip [1], Arrow (200), Archer Figure