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Card Exchanger

Card Exchanger
Use @npc cardexchanger to jump to the NPC.

You can trade cards for points and points for items from a small shop.
The exchange rate is:

  • Card IDs 4001 – 4250 = 100 points per card
  • Card IDs 4251 onwards = 1000 points per card

Our Card Exchanger offers special Buff Tokens which work in combination with our [Healer].
As long as you have the buff tokens inside your inventory you will receive the buff from the Healer.
Duration of the Buff Token is 1:30 Minutes.

Important: The Healer will consume one Buff Token with each buff refresh.
Please remove the Buff Token from your Inventory if you don’t need them.

Here is a list of Items you can get from trading cards for points:

Buff Token
Assumptio 12 Token
Magnificat 10 Token
Angelus 10 Token
Gloria 10 Token
Imposito 10 Token
Soul Link 15 Token
Full Chemical Protection 15 Token
Old Card Album 2,500 Token