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Mission Board

Mission Board
Use @npc missionboard to jump to the NPC.


Our Mission Board offers a variety of Hunting and Gathering quests. Higher boards from 86-99 have “Race of the Day Missions, “Emergency Response Missions”, “Daily Missions “ and “Loyalty Rewards”.



  • For a list of missions please check the mission boards in-game.


Emergency Response Missions:
Fight repetitiveness! An ‘Emergency Response’ option for the 86-90 and 91-99 EXP boards. Selecting this option basically selects any one of the available mission targets at random, even completed ones on cooldown, but awards additional EXP for doing so. If the mission is abandoned, the Emergency Response option cannot be selected again for the next 24 hours.


Race of the Day Missions:
Mission Board quests which require you to kill Race of the Day type monsters will reward you with more EXP.


Daily Bonus Missions:
The first quest Mission Board quest completed on each day awards additional exp. Similarly to how many games have a ‘first win of the day’, ‘daily first match’ etc bonus – this will help to incentivize players to return and do their daily quests, especially on characters that are not particularly near max level yet.


Loyalty Rewards:
Awards bonuses after completing a certain number of quests from the 86-90 and 91-99 Mission Boards, per character. After completing 20 quests, the reward tracker resets to 0 quests. This may help characters using the Revive system.

  • 3 quests – 1x Old Purple Box
  • 4 quests – 500,000 job EXP
  • 5 quests – 1,000,000 job EXP, 1 Gold Coin
  • 7 quests – 3x Gift Box
  • 8 quests – 1,000,000 job EXP, 1 Gold Coin
  • 10 quests – 5x Red Envelope, 1,500,000 base exp, 500,000 job EXP
  • 12 quests – 1x Old Purple Box
  • 14 quests – 2,500,000 base EXP and 1,000,000 job EXP
  • 15 quests – 1x Taming Gift Set
  • 18 quests – 1,000,000 job EXP, 1 Gold Coin
  • 20 quests – 1 Gold Coin, 2,500,000 base exp and 1,000,000 job exp