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Beginner Guide

Beginner Guide
We assume you already downloaded the client to play on Ragnaclan. If not you can do so by visiting [click here]

Patching & Character Creation

  1. Create your Game Account by visiting [click here]
  2. Go into your extracted Ragnaclan folder and run the  Ragnaclan Patcher as Administrator and in the correct Compatibility mode for your OS.
  3. Wait until the Patcher is fully done and the Start Game button appears.
  4. Once the game opens create your character and log into the game. You can choose from a variety of Hairstyles and Haircolors.
    Please keep in mind that our character creation only allows numeric and alphabetic characters.

Noviceground & Tips
After successfully creating your character you will be spawned in our Noviceground.

  1. Talk to Shion.
  2. Receive Trick Dead, First Aid and the following starter items:
    *The Beginner Cap is a very useful item when starting out as a new player. Please make sure to not sell or drop it.
  3. Shion will now ask you if you know what to do now or if you would like to warp to Prontera right away.
  4. As a new player please select the first option and listen to what Shion has to say.
  5. Walk over the bridge to the right side of the map while killing monsters that cross your way. Try to get your joblevel up to 10 before you leave the Noviceground.
    As shown in the picture’s mini map the exit is where my mouse is located, a small red dot is visible as well. Walk there if you want to leave.
  6. Once you arrive at the other side of the bridge you will see the exit.
  7. Instructor Roy is located next to the Exit and will tell you more about our custom features. Talk to him if you are interested, else simply browse through our Wiki at a later point.
  8. Now, with our joblevel being 10 and exploring the Noviceground we can walk to the Warp Portal and a popup will appear asking you if you’d like to leave or stay.
    You can not return to the Noviceground.
    You will get 5,000 zeny once you leave the noviceground.
  9. Leave the Noviceground and be warped to Prontera, our Main Town.

Main Town
There is various NPCs located in our Main Town. Please make sure to pay a visit to each of them!
Let me tell you that we have a special command that will help you explore each NPC individually without having to walk around.
By using @npc <name> you can warp to each NPC from any Town.

  1. Once you arrive in Prontera you will see the following NPC setup.

    Arrow 1: Giveaway Specials, this NPC is always filled with giveaways for new and old players, don’t miss out!
    Arrow 2: Daily Login, gives you a reward for each day you log in.
    Arrow 3: Vending Map, shows you the amount of players located on the vending map. This includes both, vendors and active players browsing through shops.
    Arrow 4: Race of the Day, displays which monster race will give you more EXP for the day.
    Arrow 5: Is the location of our Core NPCs: Healer, Warper, Kafra, Tool Dealer, Job Master, Reset Master, Stylist, Floating Rates, Battleground System, Pvp & GvG related NPcs and the Donation Previewer.
  2. Right next to the Giveaway Specials NPC (Arrow 1) you will find the Adventurer Clan Corp.
    This is the base of all our custom features like the Clan System, Fishing, Mining, Guild Npcs, Mission Boards, Instances and much more. Read more by visiting [click here]
  3. If you walk a little bit further down you will see the Event Area. Most automated events like Gold Rush, Cluckers and KoE will start here.
    Read more about Event related NPCs by visting [click here]
  4. Some other NPCs like Card Remover, Item Signer or Card Exchanger can be found in the official Smiths House.
    The house is located right next to the Daily Login (Arrow 2).

These are the places you will need in the future.
Please make sure to read up on our Adventurer Clan Corp/Clan System by visiting [click here]