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Aura Merchant

Aura Merchant
Use @npc pvpmanager to jump to the NPC.

You can find the Aura Merchant integrated into the PvP Manager.
He allows you to change your aura to one of the 65 shown below.
100x PvP Skull each time your aura changes.

If you have skulls from multiple players and would like to convert them into no-name skulls so they stack, please use the “Convert Skull” option inside the PvP Merchant.

  • Static = White Electricity
  • Bio = Red Electricity
  • Saiyan = Blue Electricity
  • Spirits = Blue Orbs
  • Ghosts = White Orbs
  • Snowflakes = White Dots
  • Pulse = Larger Aura


Aura Number Photo Description
1 Center Cursed
2 Center Cursed Spirits
3 Center Cursed Blue Spirits
4 Center Bio Blue Spirits
5 Center Saiyan Blue Spirits
6 Center Static Blue Spirits
7 Center Red Blue Spirits
8 Center Bio Blue Spirits
9 Center Blue Green Spirits
10 Center Blue Spirits
11 Center Blue Ghosts & Spirits
12 Center Bio Spirits
13 Center Blue Spirits & Snowflakes
14 Center Bio Green Ring
15 Center Green Burst
16 Center Bio Red
17 Center Saiyan Red
18 Center Static Red
19 Center Saiyan Blue
20 Center Saiyan Blue 2
21 Center Static White
22 Center Bio Green
23 Center Saiyan Green
24 Center Static Green
25 Center Bio Blue
26 Center Saiyan Blue Pulse
27 Center Static Blue Pulse
28 Center Bio Red Ghosts
29 Center Saiyan Red Ghosts
30 Center Static Red Ghosts
31 Center Bio Blue Ghosts
32 Center Saiyan Blue Ghosts
33 Center Static White Ghosts
34 Center Bio Green Ghosts
35 Center Saiyan Green Ghosts
36 Center Static Green Ghosts
37 Center Bio Blue Pulse Ghosts
38 Center Saiyan Blue Pulse Ghosts
39 Center Static Blue Pulse Ghosts
40 Center Bio Red Spirits
41 Center Saiyan Red Spirits
42 Center Static Red Spirits
43 Center Bio Blue Spirits
44 Center Saiyan Blue Spirits
45 Center Static Blue Spirits
46 Center Bio Green Spirits
47 Center Saiyan Green Spirits
48 Center Static Green Spirits
49 Center Bio Blue Pulse Spirits
50 Center Saiyan Blue Pulse Spirits
51 Center Static Blue Pulse Spirits
52 Center Bio Red Snowflakes
53 Center Saiyan Red Snowflakes
54 Center Static Red Snowflakes
55 Center Bio Blue Snowflakes
56 Center Saiyan Blue Snowflakes
57 Center Static White Snowflakes
58 Center Bio Green Snowflakes
59 Center Saiyan Green Snowflakes
60 Center Bio Blue Pulse Snowflakes
61 Center Static Green Snowflakes
62 Center Saiyan Blue Pulse Snowflakes
63 Center Static Blue Pulse Snowflakes
64 Center Green Ring Aura Snowflakes
65 Center Mora Haze