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Gold Rush

Gold Rush
Use @npc goldrush to jump to the NPC.


Gold Rush is an event based slot machine which appears every 4 hours.
You will need 3 Gold Coins in order to participate.
Gold Coins can be obtained for example through Mission Boards, Revival System, and Gold Rush itself.
You can win other valuable items listed below.


Event Times:

  • 02:15, 06:15, 10:15, 14:15, 18:15, 22:15


Item List:
As we all know, gambling always has some “failure” rewards. There are still a lot of good ones.

  • Dead Branch 5x
  • Giant Fly Wing 2x
  • I Love You Firecracker 1x
  • Blue Potion 30x
  • Condensed White Potion 20x
  • Guarana Candy 2x
  • Rune Strawberry Cake 1x
  • +7 Foods 1x
  • Abrasive 2x
  • Schwarzwald Pine Jubilee 1x
  • Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich 1x
  • Gold Coin: 2x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, 500x 
  • Megaphone 1x
  • Token of Siegfried 1x
  • Life Insurance 1x
  • +10 Foods 1x
  • Battle Manual 50% 1x
  • Bloody Branch 1x
  • Job Manual 50% 1x
  • Bubble Gum 1x
  • Big Defense Potion 1x
  • Big Magical Defense Potion 1x
  • Old Card Album 1x
  • Buff Scrolls (agi,bless,assu) 3x
  • Yggdrasil Berry 1x
  • Yggdrasil Seed
  • Hersir Crate 1x [click here]
  • Merkis Crate 1x [click here]
  • Aesir Crate 1x [click here]
  • Red Envelope 1x
  • Taming Gift Set 1x
  • Skin Colors 1x