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MVP Benefits (coming soon)

MVP Benefits
Below you can read more about our MVP Benefits.

Hidden Drops
Our MVPs have “hidden drops”. You can not see these items in @mi or else.

  • Enriched Elunium
  • Enriched Oridecon

Please visit our Website to view our MVP Ranking.

Every Friday at 12:00 our top 3 MVP ranker will be rewarded. These rewards will straight be sent to the Item Giveaway NPC in Prontera.
MVP ranks are reset every week.

  • Top 1 ranker gets  3 Bloody Branch, 300,000 Zeny
  • Top 2 ranker gets  2 Bloody Branch, 200,000 Zeny
  • Top 3 ranker gets  1 Bloody Branch, 100,000 Zeny