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Guild House (coming soon)

Guild House
If you want to rent a house please use the “@guildhouse” command.


How to Rent
Once you selected “Rent House” you will see a list of available and unavailable guild houses that can be purchased for:

  • Zeny
  • Cash Points

Red means the house is already rented by someone.
Green means the house is available for rent.

Duration is permanent if the house is being used frequently.
If no-one uses the house for more than 30 days the house will be disbanded and freed for other players.


After you purchased the Guild House of your choice, you can access it by using “@gh”
You will be warped to the guild house.


Each guild house comes with a variety of features which can be unlocked for Zeny or Cash Points.

  • Healer
    • Same features as Prontera Healer
  • Warper
  • Stylist
  • Plagiarism
  • Tool Dealer
  • Kafra Services
  • PvP Manager
  • Guild System

For a price please check each unlockable feature in-game.