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Battleground System

Battleground System
Use @npc pvpmanager to jump to the NPC.


Battlegrounds is a PVP system in which two teams compete towards specific objectives in various areas, and has unique equipment and consumable rewards for participation.

To enter the Battlegrounds queue simply use @joinbg 


  • Battleground Forge
  • Battleground Enchanter
  • Battleground Seasonal Case
  • Battleground Equipment Case
  • Battleground Modes
  • Round Bonus
  • Headgear Shop
  • Equipment
  • Supplies

Battleground Forge

  • Ability to craft low tier equipment via badges. For a list please refer to the NPC in-game.


Battleground Enchanter

  • Ability to enchant Battleground weapons for a low badge and zeny cost.
  • Enchantments are randomly given one of the following bonuses.
    • Strength1
    • Inteligence1
    • Dexterity1
    • Agility1
    • Vitality1
    • Luck1
    • Atk2
    • Matk2
  • You can only get 2 of the same bonus.
    • If you are about to get a 3rd enchant of the same type, the enchantment proces will be abandoned and you wont lose your payment.
  • Only BG weapons that are upgraded to +7 or higher can be enchanted.
  • Enchanting a slot will cost 10 clan points and 200 badges.
  • Re-enchanting an already enchanted slot will cost an additional 5,000,000 Zeny.
  • All enchantments have a 100% success rate.


Battleground Case

  • Battleground Cases contain seasonal Costume Headgears and will be implemented during seasons or events.


Equipment Cases

Equipment Cases will be implemented once we see the number of badges and battleground headgears fluctuating throughout the server.
Once implemented you will only receive one of the listed items at random chance.

  • Basic BG Equipment Case: 500,000 Zeny to open
    • Assaulter_Plate
    • Elite_Engineer_Armor
    • Assassin_Robe
    • Warlock_Battle_Robe
    • Medic_Robe
    • Elite_Archer_Suit
    • Elite_Shooter_Suit
    • War Badges 100
  • Rare BG Equipment Case: 5,000,000 Zeny to open
    • Dragonhelm_Copper
    • Crown_of_Deceit
    • Alice_Doll
    • Skull_Cap
    • Parade_Hat
    • War Badges 500
  • Super Rare BG Equipment Case: 10,000,000 Zeny to open
    • Dragonhelm_Silver
    • Satanic_Chain_P
    • Yellow_Ribbon
    • Pencil_in_Mouth
    • Blush_Of_Groom
    • War Badges 1000
  • Ultra Rare BG Equipment Case: 50,000,000 Zeny to open
    • Dragonhelm_Gold
    • Black_Devil_Mask
    • L_Magestic_Goat2
    • Lovecap_China
    • Antique_Pipe
    • War Badges 5000


Battleground Modes

  • Conquest
  • Team Death Match
  • Rush
  • Capture the Flag


Battleground Bonus

  • 4v4 = 5% bonus for next round
  • 10v10 = 15% bonus for next round
  • 18v18 = 35% bonus for next round
  • 29v29 = 65% bonus for next round
  • 40v40 = 100% bonus for next round


Headgear Shop
This is a list of headgears which can be purchased using war badges.
  • Large Baphomet Horns
  • I Love China
  • Air Pirate’s Bandana
  • Yellow Bandana
  • Alice Doll
  • Crown of Deceit
  • Father’s White Moustache
  • Gentleman’s Pipe
  • Blush of Groom
  • Robo Eye
  • Well-Chewed Pencil
  • Angel Spirit
  • Holy Marching Hat
  • Benevolent Guardian
  • Flying Evil Wings
  • Ramen Hat
  • Hockey Mask
  • Purple Cowboy Hat
  • Rainbow Scarf
  • Skull Cap
  • Cat Ear Beret
  • Dragon Helm Copper
  • Dragon Helm Silver
  • Dragon Helm Gold
  • Black Devil Mask
  • Jaguar Hat
  • Convex Mirror


Valorous and Bravery equipment ready to be purchased.

Note: NPC asks for badges, not Zeny as displayed in the shop. This is due to how the script works.
Please have a minimum of 200 Zeny on your character though when purchasing the item. The Zeny will not be removed, the NPC will only do a check for it.


BG/PvP such as WoE/GvG supplies can be purchased via badges.
For a list of available items please check in-game @npc bg