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Bakonawa Lake

Bakonawa Lake
Use @npc instances to jump to the Instance Hall.

A pop-up will appear and it will ask for an Essence Flask which can be obtained through Revival System [click here]

  • Only one Essence Flask is needed per Character.
  • It will unlock the Instance Hall for your character and you will be able to re-enter the Instance Hall anytime.

If you have the Essence Flask you will be allowed to enter the Instance Hall.

  1. Talk to Taho.

    A baselevel of 99 and a party is required to enter this Instance.

  2. Ask him to weave a rope, this will create the instance. After that, go down into the Bakonawa Lake.
  3. Taho will appear right next to your spawn point. Talk to him again and listen to his instructions.
  4. He will tell you that Bakonawa becomes invincible at some point. When that happens a map-wide announcement will be made with Taho’s instructions.
  5. Taho will summon Bakonawa by luring him with a drop of Albopal. You now have 10 minutes to defeat Bakonawa before the Instance will be destroyed.
  6. Walk down the right side and you will see Bakonawa in his Lake. He has a total of 1,000,000 HP the first time you have to defeat him.
  7. After you killed Bakonawa, Taho will tell you to destroy the 2 caldrons and 2 gongs on the left and right side of the Lake.
  8. You will now be given another 10 minutes to destroy the final Bakonawa which has 3,000,000 HP.
    Bakonawa will additionally summon his Puppets which have 194,830 HP.
  9. After Bakonawa is killed you will be rewarded with EXP (gold).
  10. Talk to Taho to receive additional EXP (purple). You will now get access to his Instance Shop.


Taho’s Instance Shop: