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Sarah’s Memory

Sarah’s Memory
Use @npc instances to jump to the Instance Hall.

A pop-up will appear and it will ask for an Essence Flask which can be obtained through Revival System [click here]

  • Only one Essence Flask is needed per Character.
  • It will unlock the Instance Hall for your character and you will be able to re-enter the Instance Hall anytime.

If you have the Essence Flask you will be allowed to enter the Instance Hall.


Sarah’s Memory is one of the dungeons part of the Hero’s Trail updates for iRO released as one of the dimensional rift dungeons in Ragnaclan. This is one of the easier dungeons released and the monsters inside are nerfed compared to its iRO counterparts.

The story of Sarah’s Memory follows the tragic past of Sarah Irine (localized as Sara Irene on iRO), one of the twelve Valkyries of Freyja. You view the events as a “time traveler”; as a time traveler you are forced to witness the events as they unfold, unable to change the outcome of the events.


Although not required as most classes should be able to solo this instance, be wary of the time limit if you are going slow doing small pulls. It is highly recommended you have some form of AoE clear for a short 10 minute dungeon run. If you are struggling to clear the dungeon try increasing your damage or survivability by having the following:

  • Defensive Options
    • Adventurer/clan gear (manteau)
    • Raydric card
    • Thara Frog card
    • Phen card for mages
    • Orleans’s Gown for mages
  • Offensive Options
    • Skeleton Worker cards
    • Hydra cards
  • A priest friend


  • Irene Elder Egg
    • Costs 100 Sarah’s Earrings
    • Blazeguard
      • Costs 200 Sarah’s Earrings & 1 Fireblend
    • Sarah’s Earrings

      5% drop rate from monsters in the dungeons
      50% drop rate from the boss
      Note: Expect an average of roughly 10 earrings per successfully completed instance.
    • 2 CP for clearing
    • +7 Stat foods from the boss
    • x EXP / x JEXP