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Use @npc warper to jump to the NPC.

You can find the warper in all Towns, mainly in @go spawns.
If you talk to the Warper you will get the following options:

  • Last Warp – Warps you to your last warped location.
  • Favorite Warps – Opens a list of your favorite warps.
  • Dungeon Warps – Grants access to all Dungeons except for MVP Dungeons and some additional quest dungeons.
  • Field Warps – Grants access to all Fields except for MVP Fields.
  • Town Warps – Warps you to all Towns except for Niflheim.
  • Instances – Grants you access to some official Instances.
  • Special Areas – Grants access to a few maps like Turbo Track.
  • Guild Dungeons – Grants you access to Guild Dungeons.
    You need to hold a Castle or have a Guild Dungeon Pass.

Note: Warps are free of charge.