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Ghost Palace

Ghost Palace
Use @npc instances to jump to the Instance Hall.

A pop-up will appear and it will ask for an Essence Flask which can be obtained through Revival System [click here]

  • Only one Essence Flask is needed per Character.
  • It will unlock the Instance Hall for your character and you will be able to re-enter the Instance Hall anytime.

If you have the Essence Flask you will be allowed to enter the Instance Hall.


Sakray the Cursed Prosecutor

Ghost Palace is one of the dungeons released as part of the Hero’s Trail updates on iRO, released as one of the dimensional rift dungeons in Ragnaclan. To enter the dimensional rift, an essence flask is required from the Revival System. This is one of the easier dungeons released and the monsters inside are nerfed compared to its iRO counterparts.

The story follows Sakray’s past when he was a royal guard for Princess Tiara. The details of this tragic love story starts with words of an arranged marriage between the Princess and a Prince from another country. This goes terribly wrong in many ways due to not only the relationship Sakray has with the Princess, but also due to the identity of the Prince. In the end, yet again you are left unable to do anything and only able to watch the events as they unfold.

Instance Walkthrough

  1. Once activated, you have 5 minutes for a party member to enter before the instance closes.
  2. The instance begins with a meeting between the guard, Sakray and the King.
  3. Upon finishing the dialogue, monsters will spawn for you to kill. After the monsters die, a portal will spawn at the north point of the map to the next area. The table below has the number of monsters in each area.
  4. The next room is a meeting between Sakray and the Princess, Tiana. Again, after the dialogue monsters will appear for you to kill. The portal will spawn in the southwest point for the next area.
  5. To begin this section, talk to the Guard and wait for the story to finish; after the dialogue boxes disappear there is a bit more dialogue between the guard and an invisible entity.

Note: The portal to exit will spawn very early on but the monsters will keep spawning for a few waves. Do not enter the portal if you wish to farm more gray shards. This room contains the most monsters for you to farm gray shards on. It is highly recommended that you kill the monster that spawns in the southeast quadrant early so you do not mess up and accidentally walk into the portal while killing it to spawn more monsters.

  1. After finishing the previous map, the next location is back at the Throne Room with a few monsters. After they are defeated, dead bodies will appear on the floor and the Prince is located at the northern point to talk to. The boss will spawn after the dialogue so be prepared.
  2. The last room is finally shows Sakray and the Princess reunited for a few moments before the end. As the dialogue finishes, more monsters will spawn.
  3. When the mobs are cleared out, another boss will spawn. It is possible to skip this boss though, simply just walk away from it for a few cells and Sakray will take care of it.
  4. At the end of the dungeon, the King or his ghost in this case will spawn and ask if you want to trade in your Gray Shard for items. This is the only spot to trade in, so do not exit if you need to do a trade in!
  5. Upon exiting you will receive EXP and gray shards.

Enemy Info

Picture Monster Name Mob ID HP Size Race [Collapse]Element
2948.gif Cursed Soldier 2948 18,574 Medium Undead Undead 3
2949.gif Cursed Sentinel 2949 14,099 Large Demi-Human Shadow 3
2950.gif Broken Promise 2950 13,520 Medium Demon Shadow 3
2951.gif Floating Sorrow 2951 11,276 Small Demon Ghost 3
2952.gif Unfulfilled Love 2952 14,008 Medium Demon Wind 3
2953.gif Regretful Memory 2953 18,045 Medium Undead Undead 3
2954.gif Tarnished Oath 2954 19,194 Medium Undead Undead 3
2955.gif Wasted Friendship 2955 12,614 Medium Undead Undead 2
2956.gif Sweet Slaughter 2956 13,986 Medium Undead Undead 1
2957.gif Forgotten Name 2957 19,546 Medium Undead Undead 2
2958.gif Fatal Days 2958 24,240 Medium Demon Shadow 3
2959.gif Torturous Redeemer 2959 100,000 Medium Demi-Human Earth 3
2959.gif Torturous Redeemer Ghost 2961 103,342 Medium Demi-Human Earth 3


It is recommended to turn autoloot on for the grayshards, or @autolootid +6672 for gray shards.

Although not required as most classes should be able to solo this instance, be wary of the time limit if you are going slow doing small pulls.
It is highly recommended you have some form of AoE clear for a short 10 minute dungeon run.
If you are struggling to clear the dungeon try increasing your damage or survivability by having the following:

  • Defensive Options
    • Teddy Bear card
    • Khalitzburg card
    • Holy Robe
  • Offensive Options
    • Strouf card
    • Skeleton worker cards
  • A priest friend
    • Aspersio helps a lot here

Despite most of the dungeon being undead and demon, the boss is a Demi-Human Earth-type, so keep that in mind.


  • Gray Shards
    • GrayShard.png
    • 1 gray shard on completion, 2 upon first clear
    • Note: Expect an average of roughly 100-125 gray shards per successfully completed instance from monsters.
  • 2 CP for clearing
  • 27,000,000 EXP / 15,000,000 JEXP upon exiting the portal