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Ragnaclan offers a variety of custom atcommands which you can use by typing @ followed by the input commands. Below you can find a list of all available atcommands on our server.


General Information Commands

Information Description
@commands Display all available commands for a character.
@exp Display a character experience in (%).
@help < @commandname > Display the function of a specific command.
@iteminfo or @ii Display simple information regarding an item.
@jailtime Display the amount of jail time remaining on a character (only available for jailed players).
@news Display the most recent announcement regarding server update.
@rates Display information regarding the server’s EXP/JEXP/Item Rate.
@time Display current server time.


Game Play Commands

Information Description
@aoes Enable/disable animation of AoE skills.
@autorefresh Automate reload information on your screen over a period of time.
@circle Display circular light markers with a radius of 10 cells around a character.
@die Suicide.
@go < number / placename > Warp to a certain map allocated by the command.
@gstorage or @guildstorage Open your guild storage.
@hold Enable/disable character movement.
@lgp “Lite Graphics Plugin.” Display light markers which indicate the presence of AoE skills.
@load Return to your spawn point.
@refresh Reload information on your screen.
@restock Obtain the items set in @restockmanage from your personal storage.
@restockmanage Adjust restock settings and Set the items to be restocked into your inventory.
@restockmanage Adjust restock settings and Set the items to be restocked into your inventory.
@security Adjust your account security settings such as item dropping, leaving guild, etc.
@settings Adjust your account settings.
@shake Enable/disable screen shaking.
@show < x y > Display a certain co-ordinate (of your current map) on the minimap.
@showdelay Enable/disable the display of skill delay failure message.
@showexp Display the amount of experience gained by a character.
@square < on/off > and @square < 1-10 > Display square-shaped light markers between 1-10 cells around a character.
@storage Open your personal storage.


Trading Commands

Information Description
@autotrade or @at Set-up Buying or Selling shop without staying logged in to your account.
@jumpwhobuy < item name > Jump to a player who is buying a certain item.
@jumpwhosell < item name > Jump to a player who is selling a certain item.
@showzeny Display the amount of zeny gained during a transaction.
@whobuy < itemname / itemid > Search for the buying shop for a certain item a player wish to buy.
@whosell < itemname / itemid > Search through the selling shops for a certain item for sale.


Interaction Commands

Information Description
@breakguild Disband a guild.
@channel ban < #channel name > < character name > Ban a character from your personal channel (only usable by channel owners).
@channel banlist < #channel name > Display the list of banned characters from a channel.
@channel bindto < #channel name > Bind your global chat to a channel. Anything you type on the global chat will be sent to the channel.
@channel create < #channel name > < channel password > Create a new channel personal channel.
@channel leave < #channel name > Exit a personal channel.
@channel list Create a new channel personal channel.
@channel list colors Display the available font colour for your personal channel.
@channel setup < #channel name > < option value > Add or remove option name with option value to a channel.
@channel unban < #channel name > < character name > Unban a character banned from your personal channel (only usable by channel owners).
@channel unbanall < #channel name > Unban all characters banned banned from your personal channel (only usable by channel owners).
@channel unbind Unbind your global chat from a channel (if binded).
@exit Exit a certain channel.
@join < #channel name > < channel password > Join a certain channel. You must insert password if applicable.
@noask Enable/disable all type of invitations (friend, guild, party, and trade).
@party Enable creation of a party with spaces in between.
@request Display the in game help desk to contact Game Masters.
@request2 View or write a message to Game Masters.


Player vs Player Commands

Information Description
@accept Accept a duel request.
@duel or @duel < player name > Create a duel environment or request a duel with a certain character.
@guildskill < EC/RS/RG/BO > Enable guild leaders to use guild commands without accessing the guild tab.
@leave Leave a duel.
@spb Enable/Disable the display of buff statuses on the party window.
@reject Reject a duel request.


Battleground Commands

Information Description
@listenbg Enable/disable Battleground announcements.
@leader < character name > Delegate new faction leader in a Battleground match.
@joinbg Join the Battleground queue.
@leavebg Leave the Battleground queue.
@order < message > A special faction leader command which allow you to broadcast a message to everyone in the faction.
@reportafk Report an AFK player in Battleground or Devil Square.
@votekick Report an AFK player in Battleground or Devil Square.
@voteleader < character name > Delegate a new faction leader based on majority vote.


Player vs Enviroment Commands

Information Description
@autolootid Automatically loot a specific item (You can alootid up to 20 items).
@arealoot Automatically loot all items within 3 cells vicinity when looting an item form the ground.
@autoloot < percentage > Automatically loot items within a drop rate percentage.
@autoloottype + < itemtype > Automatically loot items with of a certain type (healing, usable, etc, weapon, armor, card, petegg, petarmor, and ammo).
@mi / @mobinfo < monster name / monster id > Display information regarding a monster.
@noks Prevent kill stealing with exceptions of a your self/party/guild (Default option for @noks is party).
@showmobs + < itemtype > Display the location of a certain monster (of your current map) on the mini map.
@whereis + < itemtype > Display the map name where a monster spawn.
@whodrops + < itemtype > Display the name of monsters which drops a certain item


Event Commands

Information Description
@joinds Join the Devil Square event
@joinkoe Join the KoE event.


Homunculus/Pet Commands

Information Description
@hominfo Display general information regarding your homunculus.
@homstats Display your homunculus’s status.
@homtalk Make your homunculus talk.
@pettalk Make your pet talk.


Misc Commands

Information Description
@dance < 1-9 > Perform a random dance move.
@hug < playername &gt Hugs a player.
@kiss < playername &gt Kisses a player.