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Custom Modifications/Fixes:
Below is a list of items, skills or NPCs that have been modified.

General Modifications/Fixes:

  • Mi Gao and Ant Egg Morph removed.
  • Elemental Sword chain only works off of the cold bolt.
  • Reflect damage limited to the player’s HP.
  • Official Job Change Quest exploits fixed.
  • Nydhoggur’s Instance exploits fixed.
  • Amatsu Dungeon Quest exploits fixed.
  • Ore Downgrading fixed.

WoE-BG System Fixes/Updates:

  • Alliances disabled.
  • Emperium is plant type with 500HP.
  • Sanctuary won’t heal 777 on Emperium.
  • @die removed from WoE maps.
  • @duel blocked in WoE maps (also battlegrounds and pvp)
  • FBH + GTB disabled in Battleground
  • FBH + GTB + GR disabled in War of Emperium
  • Yggdrasil Seeds and Berries disabled in War of Emperium
  • Emperium is plant based in Battleground and War of Emperium

PvP System Fixes/Updates:

  • Blocked use of Kaizel in PvP
  • If you kill the same player more than 5 times in a row, you get kicked out of PvP and your kill score gets reduced
  • When you get killed in PvP, you will have 60 seconds to re-enter PvP or your food buffs will get dispelled
    • Sleeping on the floor will result in the timer still ticking.

Skill Modifications/Fixes:

  • Maximum Power Thrust cost 50% reduced.
  • Mammonite cost fully removed.
  • Throw Zeny cost fully removed.
  • Cart Termination cost fully removed.
  • FCP and Food buffs cannot be dispelled by Tarot.
  • Claymore Trap:
    • Claymore will stop exploding on monsters when a character dies.
    • Traps can now be pushed back.
  • Arrow Shower:
    • Arrow shower will now work on Traps.
  • Devotion Skill status icon will now be shown on the player that is devoted.
  • Cart revolution now pushes targets back based on the last move.
  • Taekwon Skills have been fixed.
    • Stances no longer need to be used on the monster that triggered the stance.
    • Taekwon stances can activate even if another one is active, this should get rid of the issue when killing a monster.
    • Taekwons won’t have a walk delay after stance activation.
    • Tumbling has been modified and needs further testing from players.
  • Coin Flip changed from 20+10*skill level to 50+10*skill level.
    • Means, at level 5 (max) it won’t fail.
  • Monsters in Grand Cross will receive all hits.
  • Sonic Blow from auto attacks will no longer stop the attack.
  • Taekwon missions will now count per monster name and not monster id.
  • Assassin cross song duration increased to 3 minutes.
  • Charge Attack won’t go over small walls.
  • Asura can be snap dodged.
  • Beast Strafe now has a target.
  • Excruciating Palm now has a base duration 5s.
  • Sightless Mind now has a base duration of 30s in pre-re.
  • When you tank Cecil Damon from 10-14 cells away, she will no longer use her target skills.

Monster Modifications/Fixes:

  • Noxious spawn time reduced from 5 minutes to 30 seconds.
  • Green Ferus spawn time reduced from 3 minutes to 30 seconds.
  • Alice spawn time reduced from 30~50 minutes to 10~20 minutes.
  • Bats from Dracula and their respawn reduced
  • Monsters will no longer randomly stop chasing players.
  • Monsters will now stack, up to 50 per cell.
  • Official pathfinding for monsters adjusted.
    • This will fix the “jumping over walls” in LHZ and other maps that a lot servers have.
  • Maya Purple now drops Level 10 Cookbook at 10%.

Item Modifications/Fixes:

  • Dolomedes Card base Dex reduced to +1 instead of +2
  • Item drop rates from Lunakaligo fixed.
  • Various items have their class restrictions adjusted. Please refer to the changelog [click here]

The following items are sold -50% their original value:

  • Mastela Fruit
  • Royal Jelly
  • Silver Ring
  • Gold Ring
  • Diamond Ring
  • Stiletto
  • 1carat Diamond
  • 2carat Diamond
  • 3carat Diamond
  • Crest Pieces
  • Crystal Mirror
  • Flame Heart
  • Great Nature
  • Munak Doll
  • Pearl
  • Topaz
  • Witherless Rose
  • Stone of Sage
  • Mystic Frozen
  • Rough Wind
  • Green Live
  • Crystal Blue
  • Red Blood
  • Wind of Vendure

The following items were reduced to 50% drop rate:

  • Dark Bacilium
  • Diabolus Armor
  • Diabolus Boots
  • Diabolus Robe
  • Valkyrie Armor
  • Valkyrie Manteau
  • Valkyrie Shoes
  • Valkyja’s Shield
  • Bison Horn
  • Variant Shoes

Misc Modifications/Fixes:

  • Removed noteleport mapflags from Kiel dungeon 1, Einbech, Enbroch, and Lighthalzen.
  • Guild notice on teleport/mapchange has been removed.
  • Marriage Ring exchanging bug is fixed.
  • Miracle Nullified message from TKM removed.
  • Chatrooms do not work in towns anymore.
  • Config Enabled for pet attack when the owner attacks a monster.
  • Pets will now show their food on their egg description.