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Mining System

Mining System
Use @npc mining to jump to the NPC.

Talk to Mining Telchar. He will offer you the following options:

  • Warp to Mine
  • Buy Pickaxe
  • Mining Shop
  • Convert Ores

To begin mining, there are two requirements – and those are to buy a Pickaxe from Telchar, and be at least base level 80.
After purchasing a Pickaxe for 10,000 zeny or using a Merchant mule with Discount for 7,500 zeny, you are ready to begin mining!

Talk to Telchar and select the option, “Warp to the mine”.
When you are ported into the Mining map, Mithril Mine(mithril_min), you may notice some monsters and crystals.
Be warned the monsters might hurt despite only having 10 HP.  Click on the crystal in-game to start mining.

There are two outcomes that happen when you mine, either you succeed or it fails.
When it is a successful mining attempt you will receive either 1x Mithril Ore, or 1x MIthril which are used to buy things from the shop.
When it fails you receive 1x Stone which is not used for anything related to mining in general.
Mining experience is obtained upon a successful mine and increases the success rate of future mining attempts.

It is possible to do an ore conversion from Mithril Ore to Mithril at a 5:1 rate from Telchar.
Note: This is a one way conversion and you cannot disassemble a Mithril into 5 Mithril Ore.

Mining Tips:

Here are some tips that could make your mining experience easier albeit far from required:

  • High ASPD class to get rid of the knockers
  • Alchemists can benefit from farming the Knockers with their Homunculus as it serves to protect them while mining and can find extra ore and pickaxes from them
    • The Mine Knockers drop Mithril Ore at a 20% rate and Pickaxes at a 15% rate
  • Play as Priest or Crusader to have access to a good level Heal to sustain down there without warping back
    • Vitata card could also work if you have SP sustain through things like conversion
  • Creamy card if you are too lazy to walk around to crystals, or “@buy” and purchase flywings on the go.
  • Enough Flee to dodge the knockers at a 95% chance: 190 Flee
  • Good amount of STR or the use of Gympasses to carry more pickaxes. Alternatively, @storage or @gstorage to store your pickaxes and pull them out when necessary.
    • Merchant classes with a cart is also quite handy for this
  • Don’t be too discouraged if you fail often, just keep trying.

Below you can find the map with the crystal locations and coordinates in the appropriate tables. 

Map Guide
Crystal Location Coordinate
1 25, 183
2 59, 162
3 120, 131
4 92, 28
5 135, 51
6 154, 75
7 217, 39


As noted previously, Telchar is the NPC you can trade in your Mithril & Mithril Ore to.
Note: Watch the requirements as some items require Mithril and some might require Mithril Ore.