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Endless Tower

Endless Tower

The Endless Tower is a set of 101 floors that gets increasingly more difficult as you move on. Upon reaching floor 100, you get to face Entweihen Knothen, a boss only seen here. Upon completing the Endless Tower a second time, one is able to move onto floor 101 and face Naght Sieger.

Captain Janssen

  1. Talk to Captain Janssen in Alberta (214, 77).
    • He will ask you to donate 10,000 zeny (per person). Select ‘Sure thing.’
  2. Talk to him 2 more times, he’ll accept you as his first mate.
  3. Talk again and select ‘Yes, let’s go!’
    • You will be warped to Misty Island(e_tower).
  4. Upon entering the map, the party leader must talk to the Tower Protection Stone and generate the instance.
  5. Once generating the instance, at least one party member has to be in the tower within 5 minutes.


  • Warning: Taming a monster will cause the instance to not register the kill, causing the portal to the next floor to not open.
  • Warning: If any member of the party leaves the party, they will be kicked out and sent to their save point. They may be invited again to regain entry.
  • Upon creation, a window showing time limits appears. If you close it, you may press Alt+B to reopen.
  • Upon entering level 26, 51, and 76, you are given an Ashes of Darkness. These may be used to skip to floors 25, 50 or 75 by talking to the Immortal Brazier.

The Endless Tower

Upon creation of the instance, a party will have 4 hours to complete the Endless Tower. On every floor there will be a group of monsters, once defeated, will cause a portal to the next floor to open. Once you move up a floor, you are not able to move back down. The only ways to leave the Endless Tower are to die and respawn, leave the party, log out, Butterfly Wing, or walk into a Warp Portal. The instance lasts until a party either gives up and leaves completely, or time runs out and the party gets teleported out.

Disabled Skills and Items

  • Ice Wall
  • Teleport
  • High Jump
  • Cannot memo
  • Dead Branch (ID: 604)
  • Bloody Branch (ID: 12103)
  • Red Pouch (ID: 12024)
  • Poring Box (ID: 12109)
  • Fly Wing (ID: 601)
  • Giant Fly Wing (ID: 12212)

We will only list the Mini Bosses / MVPs you have to defeat.

  • Floor 5: Golden Thief Bug
  • Floor 10: Mistress
  • Floor 15: Phreeoni
  • Floor 20: Drake
  • Floor 25: Moonlight Flower
  • Floor 30: White Lady
  • Floor 35: Turtle General
  • Floor 40: Samurai Specter
  • Floor 45: Osiris
  • Floor 50: Amon Ra, Pharao
  • Floor 55: Evil Snake Lord
  • Floor 60: Doppelganger, Egigem Cenia
  • Floor 65: Atroce
  • Floor 70: Orc Lord, Orc Hero
  • Floor 75: Baphomet, Dark Lord
  • Floor 80: Fallen Bishop Hibram
  • Floor 85: Ifrit
  • Floor 90: Valkyrie Randgris
  • Floor 95: Beelzebub
  • Floor 100: Entweihen Knothen
  • Floor 101: 1 Naught Sieger