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Endless Cellar

Endless Cellar
Use @npc instances to jump to the Instance Hall.

A pop-up will appear and it will ask for an Essence Flask which can be obtained through Revival System [click here]

  • Only one Essence Flask is needed per Character.
  • It will unlock the Instance Hall for your character and you will be able to re-enter the Instance Hall anytime.

If you have the Essence Flask you will be allowed to enter the Instance Hall.

  1. Talk to the Cellar Protection Stone. 

    A party of minimum 2 players is required to enter this Instance.

  2. Generate the Endless Cellar Dungeon.
  3. Warp then down the Endless Cellar and clear every wave of monsters.
  4. Monsters left on the map will be announced with every monster you kill.
  5. Each wave has different monsters.

We will only list the MVPs you have to defeat.

  • Floor 4: Eddga
  • Floor 8: Garm
  • Floor 12: Tao Gunka
  • Floor 16: Stormy Knight
  • Floor 20: Dracula
  • Floor 24: Gopinich
  • Floor 28: Bascojin + Lady Tanee
  • Floor 32: RSX – 006
  • Floor 36: Lord of Death
  • Floor 40: Vesper

Upon completing Floor 40 you will be given Ashes of Darkness which can be used to re-enter the dungeon on level 40 in case you died.

  • Floor 44: Detale
  • Floor 48: Kiel D-01
  • Floor 52: Gloom Under Night
  • Floor 56: Ktullanux
  • Floor 60: Thanatos Phantom
  • Floor 72: Nydhoggr’s Shadow
  • Floor 76: Wounded Morroc
  • Floor 77: Poring

Floor 77 will have a simple Poring which you will have to kill. Once killed a map-wide announcement will be made and you will have to fight against the Six Great Pains.

Six Great Pains:

  1. High Priest Magaleta
  2. High Wizard Katrinn
  3. Sniper Shecil
  4. Assassin Cross Eremes
  5. Whitesmith Harword 2x
  6. Super Baphomet, Piamette 3x, Wish Maiden 3x

End Boss: 

After defeating all floors and the Six Great Pains you will finally face him, the End Boss.
Pori Pori will be summoned along with Golden Savage 10x, Pouring 10x and Bomb Poring 20x.

After you successfully cleared the map, walk up the map until you see Arc Pori Pori – talk to him.
He will reward you with:

  • Old Card Album
  • Bloody Branch
  • Jewelry Box
  • Cookie Bag